Do you do full body cut out signs?

Do you have a notary?
Are you Madison Business Solutions?
Yes, we are Madison Business Solutions DBA Zippy Ship & Copy.
What is your largest laminate size?
11x17” for hard laminate. 24"x120" for Soft laminate.
What is your largest wide format size?
Do you have bond paper?
Do you have photo paper?
If you are referring to a glossy photograph type paper, we have this available on our wide format printer. The paper that we use on our color toner printers is not standard photo paper. 
Can I bring in my own paper?
We will print on paper that was purchased here in store. We don’t print on paper that is brought in by customers due to the possibility of damaging our printers. Our printers are specifically calibrated to our in house paper.
 I made an order over the Email but haven’t heard back, why?
There should be an auto response email explaining why certain orders are not processed over Email. This is mainly due to many Email orders in the past being abandoned and never picked up. Also depending on how busy we are in store, we might not be able to respond to you right away.

Can you access my personal accounts on your computer?
No, this is due to security reasons.
Why do you not access URL links in Emails?
This is also due to security reasons. 
What file type do you take?
PDF is preferred. We also take most image file types such as jpg and png.
Why do you not accept Microsoft Office or iWork files? (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx .page, etc.)
Depending on which computer you open editable files, the format can drastically change due to setting differences. To prevent this we prefer PDf format.

Will you look up an image for me and download it?
No. This is due to the fact that most images online are copyrighted.
The phone is constantly busy and can’t reach anybody, why?
Due to the high volume of jobs we receive on a daily basis, we may not be able to answer the phone right away. In that case, we highly recommend coming into the store directly if possible.

What paper sizes are available for printing?
We have most standard American paper sizes such as 8.5x11” letter, 8.5x14” legal, 11x17” Ledger, and 12x18”.  Anything bigger will be on our wide format printers.
What sizes are available for invites?
Standard 4x6” and 5x7”. Any other size will be considered a custom size and will cost an additional setup fee.
What sizes are available for business cards?
Standard 2x3.5”. Any other size will be considered a custom size and will cost an additional setup fee.
What are some common framing print sizes?
4x6”, 5x7”, 8x10”, 9x12”, 11x14”, 16x20”, 16x24”, 18x24”, 22x28”, and 24x36”.
Do you have options to print accurate color?
Yes, if needed we can set up spot colors and print charts for greater color accuracy. 
Why does your salmon have buck horns?
This was passed on to us by the previous owner. It is not clear why he added horns to the salmon head but it has become a great conversation piece in the store. 
Can I buy the sailfish?
Unfortunately no.
Do you have FedEx and UPS envelopes?
Yes, but specifically only for air service. If you have an UPS or FedEx account you can order them online.
Can you take Amazon Drop off packages?
Yes, as long as they have a bar coded shipping label. We are not able to process Amazon QR Codes.
Can you take USPS branded shipping boxes?
The shipping label must match the shipping method which is specified on the box (priority mail, etc). Otherwise, your package will be rejected at the post office. However, you can use the box for other carriers such as UPS and FedEx.
Do you have international shipping options?
Yes. We can only ship international through UPS and FedEx. Due to recent shipping standard regulations, we recommend that you have a list of all items and each of their weight, quantity and country of origin in order to help the shipping process go smoothly.
Can you take international drop off packages?
Yes, but it is required to have customs papers attached to the package.
Can I use my UPS or FedEx employee discount here?
No. We don’t have the ability to process employee discounts. We are an independent 3rd party business.
Can I use my UPS and FedEx account?
No, but we can offer ground bills for UPS and air bills for FedEx Express. We do not provide air bills for UPS. FedEx Ground can only be processed online via FedEx’s website.
Do you sell stamps?
No. But we do have a postal meter. If you have a letter you want to send we can print postage in store. 
Do you have expedited (Overnight) shipping options?
Yes we have options for FedEx Express and UPS. We do not have expedited options for USPS.
What are the size and weight limits for each carrier?
UPS and FedEx Ground have a weight limit of 150lbs, and size limit of 108” in length and 165” in length and girth.
FedEx Express has a weight limit of 150lbs, and size limit of 119” in length and 165” in length and girth.
FedEx International has a weight limit of 150lbs, and size limit of 108” in length and 130” in length and girth.
USPS has a weight limit of 70lbs, and a size limit of 108” in length and girth.
How do you measure length and girth?
Length: longest side of the package.
Girth: (Width+Height)x2.
Length and Girth: Length+Girth
Can you add insurance to packages?
Yes, all UPS and FedEx packages have automatic $100 insurance. Additional insurance can be added. However, we can’t insure USPS packages.
What happens if a package is lost?
If you have created a label in store, we will file a claim with the carrier. Please do not attempt to file a claim yourself which will complicate the situation. If it is a prepaid drop off package, you will need to file a claim by yourself. 
Can I bring my own boxes for shipping?
Yes, with stipulations as follows; no branded alcohol or tobacco boxes; previous shipping and hazard labels must be removed or covered.
Can you ship car parts?
Yes, only if they are fully drained of any liquids, oils and lubricants and must follow the dimensions stated by each shipping carrier. 
Can you take odd shaped boxes?
Yes, however if they are not in cardboard and rectangular, there is an additional handling fee that the carrier will apply to the shipping cost.

Do you ship to military bases?
We can’t ship to military PO Boxes such as APO, FPO, and DPO.  To ship to US military PO boxes,  you will need to go to a local post office.
Can you ship firearms?
No. Due to recent changes in carrier regulations, we can no longer accept firearms of any type. Parts can be shipped through FedEx.
How can I ship firearms?
Firearms can only be shipped through a Federal Firearms License(FFL) holder to another FFL holder. We suggest visiting your local firearms dealer in the area for shipping questions. 

Can you ship ammunition?
No. Ammunition is considered as hazardous materials and we are prohibited to ship such items by all shipping carriers.

What can you not ship?
Anything that is flammable including any item that is alcohol base (Perfume, nail polish, hand sanitizer, etc.), aerosol cans, solvents, oil based paints, dry ice, hazardous materials, ammunition, and circulated currency.
Can you ship items with the UN3373 label?
No. These items must be taken to a branded drop of box or store. 
Where is the nearest UPS and FedEx store?
The nearest branded stores for UPS and FedEx are in Idaho Falls. UPS is at 2184 Channing Way. FedEx is at 2087 Federal Way.
Where is the nearest UPS and FedEx drop box?
UPS drop box is on Main St right between Bingham & Son’s and Smith, Kunz. The FedEx drop box is right next to the east entrance of the Madison County Administration Building.
What is your smallest box?
What is your largest box?
Do you have boxes for picture frames or TV/monitors?
No. Unfortunately we can’t stock these types of boxes at the moment.
Do you have phone numbers that connect directly to a driver or local carrier depot?
No. All carriers don’t give out phone numbers of drivers or any carrier facility. If you need to contact a carrier about a package please use the phone number provided on their website.
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