Starting at $0.09 a page
• High-speed printing: 120 copies per minute.    
• Choose from a variety of high quality paper. Card stock, fiber, vellum and more.

• Other options such as hole punch, staple, folding available. 
Starting at $0.49 a page
• Print up to 12x18 inches in size.
• Choose from a variety of high quality paper.
• Great for colored flyers, booklets, pamphlets, etc. 
High Quality Black & White
If you have black and white photos or images, we recommend using our high quality black & white option on our color printer. The results are more accurate than using a regular black & white printer. Ask our staff for more information. 
Starting at $0.50 a square foot
• Print up to 24x36 inch plans. Custom sizes are available.
• Print black and white banners. One side must be 24 or 36 inches.
  (20 feet in maximum length.)
• Scan and print large documents such as sewing plans, etc.
Starting at $3.50 a square foot
• Print beautiful and accurate color copies. 
• Can print up to a maximum size of 3.5x 10 ft. 
• Choose from a variety of high quality paper. (Satin, Gloss, and Matte.)
• Printed images can mounted to foam core board up to 34x48 inches in size.
Vinyl Banners
We can also print vinyl banners. Vinyl banners are capable of withstanding outside use even under rainy conditions. Perfect option for outside advertisement. Vinyl banners comes with up to 8 grommet holes. (Please ask our staff about other grommet options.)

NEW Canvas Printing
Our newest addition to the wide format options is canvas printing. Add a beautiful canvas texture to your print to create a beautiful center piece to your home gallery. 
(We don't have any canvas stretching options.)
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