Spiral Binding
Plastic coil binding gives a durable and affordable bind as opposed to a more rigid glue bind. Spiral binding has  great flexibility, ideal for text books and music scores. Also, we can add clear and vinyl covers to the bind. Vinyl covers come in several colors (red, blue, green and black).
Thermal Binding
When in need of the professional look and quality, thermal glue binding gives you that added edge while giving a more permanent, long lasting finish to your work. there are 2 types of thermal binding, clear plastic covers and hard covers. The hard cover option comes with several colors and can also have window cutouts.
Tape Binding
Tape binding is a special method designed for NCR tear out booklets. Create custom size booklets with a flap to prevent transferring by pen pressure to other NCR pages. A very popular binding method for numbered NCR and record keeping.
Glue Binding
Binding method were bundle of papers are glued together so they can be separated like sticky notes. A very popular method to create raffle tickets. memos and forms.
Below are other services we have in the Bindery Category.
For any questions please talk to one of our representatives.

- Numbering
- Scoring
- Perforating
- Folding
- Hole Punching
- Cutting
- Shrink Wrapping
- Stapling

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